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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The MLM Puzzle

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May be your upline always says that you have a lot to know about MLM. Yes, they are right and you have to know a lot about this topic, but it doesn't means that you know nothing about MLM. MLM is a huge industry and no one can know everything about it. The best part of MLM is that you can earn as much from MLM as much you know more about it. MLM is just like a puzzle and there are different parts of it. The more you know, the more parts you get and you can develop your business using it. Now lets see what are these parts and how to get these,

It is most important in MLM life and you could practice it forever to improve your skills. If you want to know more about this then read this article, Aqcuire knowledge before starting MLM. Take part in workshops, seminars, meetings. Read books, visit websites talk with MLM leaders to enrich your knowledge.

Talking skill
This business is all about talking with people. The more you talk the more you can learn from people and know them. Take part in meeting and discussions. Talk with your upline, downline and friends. Talk positive and think positive. Read this article on how to Think positive. Try to talk with many peoples and motivate them. You need to talk much if you want to motivate people.

Invite skill
There is a big role of invites in MLM. A good invite makes a successful sales or joining. MLM is a word of mouth business and the invite works as a ad in MLM. Talk with people and invite them who need great products and opportunities. Read this post for more details: Inviting prospects.

Team management
MLM is a team work and you have to manage your team to ensure a great business. Team management includes helping others, counseling, team meetings and communication. A great team does a great sales and you can achieve the goals very fast with your team.

MLM is a duplicating business. Be a leader and make leaders from your team too. Make them to copy you. This is the way why people earn from MLM without doing any works. People love to follow you if you become a great motivator. Before this you must have great skills and positive attitude. This is MLM's great part which everyone cannot achieve it, very few people get this and they become great legends. Click here to read Part 2

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