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Sunday, February 15, 2009

How to catch the big moves using MarketClub's Alert Tool

Hello, this is Investor's Money Journal with Adam Hewison. We are very excited about today’s video. Our new video is only seven minutes long, but shows you how to use MarketClub’s Alert Tool to catch big moves. It’s no surprise that it is titled, “How to catch the big moves using MarketClub Alerts.” I think it’s the right title as we have seen some tremendous moves that you would have caught using our Alert Tool.

Click here to watch the video Don't Miss Another Move

So if you have seven minutes to spare and you want the opportunity to change your way of viewing and trading the market, I strongly recommend you check out this video.

The video is so important that we are making it available with our compliments to everyone. There is no need to register to view this informative video.

Don't Miss Another Move

Afterwards, you can let me know what you think about this video by commenting on our Trader’s Blog

Enjoy the video.

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USD/JPY : Dollar vs. Yen

What's the Target Zone for USD/JPY?

I have to admit, I love trading Forex, it’s one of the most exciting and most profitable markets in the world.

In today’s short seven minute educational video, was explained the step-by-step in how to analyze the dollar and its relationship with the Yen. Also show you exactly what is happening right now in this relationship. Watch the video and see specific target zones where this cross is headed in the next several months.

The video is educational and to the point. Watch it with our compliments. You do not have to register to watch the video.

Click here to watch the video of What's the Target Zone for USD/JPY?

I am hoping that you pick up some trading tips from my new video. If you have time, let us know what you think on our blog.

Every success in the markets.

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How to Find Trending Trades in Any Market…

One of the really great benefits of MarketClub is the ability to find markets that are headed higher and those headed lower.

Click here to watch the video of How to Find Winning Trades

We do this through the use of our Smart Scan technology that spots markets that are trending either on the upside or downside. This technology also helps identify markets that are moving sideways and may be candidates to watch for breakout price action.

Now imagine having a tool that can do this for stocks, futures, precious metals, ETFs and foreign exchange. You can see the scope and the power that this tool has to spot winning trades in any market.

In this short video, I will show you how to utilize this powerful tool and just how easy it is to filter and find trades that meet criteria that you set. The video is available at no charge and there is no registration requirements.

How to Find Winning Trades

I hope you enjoy the video and I hope that you take away some of the valuable tips that you can implement in your trading plan for 2009.

Every success in the marketplace and in life.

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5 Stocks Ready to Move

Our latest video is one that often gets mixed responses at first, but as time goes on, really hit a positive nerve. How you ask? Well, because everyone talks about this stock or that stock that’s ready to “explode”…but their intent is a LOT different than ours. They talk about stocks ready to move…because they’re spammers or they own the stock so OF COURSE they want you to buy it.

But we just want to educate you about how to pick stocks, analyze charts, and trade profitably…THAT’S IT!!

The proof is in the video. Check it out before you post or send it as we don’t send anything we don’t think is good material and I would expect you to do the same:

Click here to watch the video: 5 Stocks Ready to Move... Really??

Early this morning, I was looking through MarketClub’s Smart Scan tool for some stocks that I could buy. Yes, that’s right… I said buy. I came across five stocks that I thought looked very interesting and these stocks met all the requirements I look for when I want to go long in the market.

These five stocks all received positive scores from the weighted set of criteria we look for from upward trending stocks. Given today’s economy, it remains to be seen how successful these picks will be.

You may have watched my video, “Trading From A Desert Island.” If you haven’t, I sincerely recommend that you watch that video as well. The premise of the video is that market action is more important than news.

Often times the markets tells us what they want to do months before the events pan out in the news. I’ve discussed this many times before on our blog and I expect this to be a regular topic in the future.

Take a look at this video and I’ll explain why these stocks fall into the category of upward trending stocks. I’ll also explain how MarketClub can help find stocks that fit your own trading style and also have the mathematical backings to be winners. Enjoy the video.

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