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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Are You Riding Vehicles Towards Wealth?

Here’s my question: If you’re living in Manila, can you walk up to the mountains of Baguio? Of course you can. It may take a while but you can do it.

The average normal pace for normal human beings who don’t exercise much is five kilometers an hour. That means, it will 50 hours of non-stop walking to reach Baguio. If you stop for food, rest and sleep, you could probably walk for 10 hours a day. So, in total, you can walk up to Baguio in five days. Not bad right? I cant guarantee what will happen to your lungs after walking side-by-side with smoke belching buses for five days, but at least you’ll arrive.

But you can ride a bicycle to Baguio too.

Even if you’re not a super biker, you could still pedal your way up in two days.

Now that’ great improvementBut you can improve that even further.

You can ride an air-conditioned car and arrive in five hours.

Isn’t that fantastic?

And if you’re really in a hurry, you can ride a plane and do it in 45 minutes.

My friend, in the same way that there are many ways to Baguio, there are also many ways to wealth.

The rule is simple: You’ve got to ride something.

Remember that three kinds of people in the world: Spenders, Savers, and Invetors.

Spenders don’t even try to walk to their wealth. They just stay put.

Savers walk to their wealth. Many people are not riding anything towards their wealth. They’re just walking towards it. These people are working very hard, simplifying their life saving as much money as they can – but they put their savings in the wrong place. After 50 years of working hard, they look at their total net worth and it has barely grown. Some are retire with nothing at all. Some are bit wiser and are able to retire owning their homes, but have nothing else. Do their homes give them income each month?

Investor rides bicycles, cars, and planes to their wealth. He uses savings and grow it exponentially. He uses his core gifts to create wealth. He uses his mentors, networks and family.

Excerpt from the 8 Secrets of the truly Rich by Bro. Bo Sanchez

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