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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The MLM puzzle (2)

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This is the continued part of The MLM puzzle. MLM is just like a puzzle and there are different parts of it. The more you know, the more parts you get and you can develop your business using it. Now lets see what are these parts and how to get these,

Follow ups
It is essential in MLM to do follow ups. Without this, your prospects will become negative and will never buy your products. Follow up is needed to keep in touch with him and to provide him informations. You can read more about this topic here, Prospect follow up

Team meeting
To have a great successful and active team, you must organize team meeting. This way you can provide informations to your team mates and can motivate them. If you manage to keep up team meetings, your distributors will become leader. Read more about this topic here, 20 reasons why you must have team meetings , 20 ways to make your team mates attend team meetings

Presentation skill
Present and describe your business concept by your self to the prospects. This is also called the official meeting with prospects. A sales or a joining depends on this skill. Practise it ith your team mates and with uplines. There are was to improve this skill, read these articles for more info, A good presentation , Presentation Book

Have big dream
Dream is the biggest part of MLM success. See more dreams to achieve more. Think big and want more from life. Tell your team mates to dream too. Whenever you see a dream, believe it and your mind will set you to work more and to achieve it. Click to read Part 1

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